Stop Nosebleeds & Dry Nose Symptoms

Are you experiencing nosebleeds, itching, flaking, irritation, discomfort and other symptoms of dry nose? Your relief is here: GeloNasal Dry Nose Relief. GeloNasal delivers effective, lasting relief even in extreme conditions — far outperforming saline nasal sprays. Whether your symptoms are a result of a dry climate, medications, allergies or another cause of dry nose, choose GeloNasal to stop nosebleeds and get freedom from the discomfort of nasal dryness.

Why Is My Nose Dry?

Every cell in the body needs oxygen to remain healthy. Breathing air is what provides us with oxygen. We breathe in about 10,000 liters of air through our noses every day.

When the nose is healthy, its job is to cleanse the entering air as well as warm and moisten it.  The lining of the nose — the mucous membrane — is what enables the nose to perform these functions. Within the mucous membrane are mucous glands that release fluid to lubricate the nasal passages. Also within the membrane are hair-like structures called cilia that keep the fluid moving and also help remove toxic particles like viruses and bacteria.

When there is a lack of moisture in the nasal mucosa it can no longer carry on its protective function resulting in dry, irritated — and often painful — nasal passages.

Causes of Dry Nose & Nosebleeds

Whether a result of dry air, dehydration, nasal surgery, allergies or another cause, dry nose can mean serious discomfort — including nosebleeds, itchy, irritated nasal passages and even pain. Stop nosebleeds and other dry nose symptoms with relief from the most effective nasal spray: GeloNasal.

Causes of dry nose and nosebleeds include:

  • Dry air caused by HVAC
  • Dry climates like that of Arizona & New Mexico
  • Acute & chronic rhinitis (allergies)
  • Use of decongestants or other medications
  • Age-related nasal dehydration
  • Nasal or sinus surgery
  • Exposure to nasal radiation
  • Airplane travel

Don’t be a victim of nosebleed causes like dry climate, dehydration and allergies! Get relief — get GeloNasal spray.

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